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Black with a little bit of honey.

Coffee shops have always been a place to get news, exchange ideas, listen, tell stories, and to meet new and old friends...these aspects of connecting, storytelling and getting business done are hugely important to building community and culture and are uniquely found in coffee shops, which are not typically found in black communities. 

Black, with a side of cream, no sugar.

For creation to happen we need to connect with each other and have the necessary tools and resources within our reach. Allies are great and necessary, but the black community is so dynamic and has so much to offer, why not start building from within?

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Black culture has always been trendsetting...it is important that we continue to use our own voices so we're owning the narrative of our culture and lifting us up. Be loud, be proud!

Black with almond milk and honey, to go. 

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Green tea, please!

When it comes to things like health, happiness and wealth, everyone is on their own journey...I believe this is the most important piece in these conversations: sharing realistic paths to health and prosperity.

Black, with a bit of honey, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper, I like it spicy.

...Our stories were being told by people who don't look like us. Actors, writers and filmmakers of color were fighting for inclusion in mainstream media, but now I feel we are more adept and creating and catering to our own markets. 

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